Things That Help Us Define Our Servitude

Human beings are the creatures that are wired that they must have a purpose in this world, not matter the circumstance. This is something that has been found to be the truth for a very long time and thus, we can be able to see this as something that sets us apart. This is to say that, we can be able to look and see the things that help us see our line of service. This is something that is very good because it will take out loneliness from our hearts and minds. The act of purpose and service to people is something that is hardwired into our system and thus we cannot be able to deny it. This is something that helps us know the purpose we are in this world. We are going to look at the things that help us see the purpose in us.

Religion is one of those things that are very important in shaping the thinking and the purpose of a person. Religions are different and there is the belief in different types of gods. This way, they have very different ways in which they are able to see things and this means that even their mode of thinking is different. They will also tend to have their world confined to certain belief system and it is this kind of belief that makes them feel that others are evil or they do not reflect the truth. With this in mind, their service will always be in reverence to their god and not any other thing and this is what shapes their acts and any other thing that they may do, something that is very good.

There is science which is something else that determines our actions. This is something that is very important because we are able to know how different things are able to respond differently to different environments. The belief is so crucial that we now have people who take science as a god. This means that that, their actions is based on the things that they see happening in terms of science and not any other spiritual being. This is something that is very good in many ways. This is because, depending on the field they are in, their actions will be determined by the outcomes of the experiments or profound knowledge about something.

We have the tradition, which is one of the things that can be able to influence people. This is one of the things that can be able to make people do their things following some certain rules and procedure. Tradition is something that is very vital in shaping the thinking process of the people and how they can be able to do their actions. This is something that is very important and able to define the manner in which we do things in our lineage.

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